Greetings RARE Beauties and Beaus,

OMG, It’s Launch Day, and it has been a long time coming!

Let’s start with some truth… It has been over a year since I purchased this domain name ( and had big dreams for the RARE brand and this blog (RARE Space). SideNote: with a name like RARE Space a rocket and a light bulb is what we need to paint the picture of what is about to happen. We have some fantastic content/ideas to share with you, so the sky is not the limit, only the beginning!

I could list a million things that went wrong and another million excuses why the timing was not right, but the truth is I am “Type A” personality, and I was afraid everything would not be perfect! Even worse I feared you would see the imperfection and make fun of me. Why would a grown woman in her 30s, married, with 3 kids, and running a few successful businesses care to share or what the world thinks?

The short answer is I am not doing this for myself, or my husband, or my kids, or to advance in my businesses. I am doing this blogging and vlogging thing for you. My readers who are either family, friends, followers or future family, friends, and followers. My husband asked me, “WHY start a blog when you are doing just fine sharing content on social media”? I told him that all of those platforms are borrowed space…

I wanted to create an environment where I could share and seriously connect with individuals finding and defining their purpose in life. So, I created this RARE Space, and I hope you like it? I wanted the site to have a warm and inviting energy, like ME! But, I was afraid like me, the site would have a lot errors, and you would miss out on some valuable content.

FYI: Fear can be so crippling and excuse soooo comforting. I was stuck in my fear and found every excuse why I NEEDED to delay the launch date (again). The worst part is when something went wrong while I was building the site I got comfortable with the setback and said it just was not meant for me to launch the site.

I started off writing that “I was afraid everything would not be perfect”? Well, everything is still not perfect for the site or the blog. But I stopped letting my fears and personality type hold me back… This is not just my Launch Day; it is our Launch Day. Let’s step into this New Year, New Experiences, New Space, and RARE Space fearlessly.

RARE NOTE: Launch Yourself!

I am in a RARE Space, and I will not allow fear to;

hinder my growth,

limit my ability to connect with amazing people or,

stop me from creating opportunities I deserve.

I hope you are reading this in the best hour, health, and heart!

Rosy Days,



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