Greetings RARE Beauties and Beaus,

I can’t believe it has already been a month since Shelda and Widbens Francois beautiful wedding. It was such a blessing to work with this lovely God-fearing couple. Marvelous how God used this couple to inspire, motivate and give me confirmation about my purpose. I thought I was only going to be their wedding planner, but I quickly realized God was making way for more.

Now, I would not be writing about them if this was not trutly a RARE experience. It was the second or third meeting with the Bride-To-Be that I noticed something was not quit right. Behind her beautiful smile, positive attitude, and excitement for her wedding day her body told a different story.

See, one of the things I learned in alternative medicine was to be very observant. Observation is essential when you are not doing a traditional medical questionnaire and or medical history. Plus, at that time Shelda was my Bride-to-be. I was her Natural Health Consultant, YET. I was just her planner that realized she was happy but had her hands were bold up in a fist the entire time we met.

I could not help but wonder why her hands were bold up? So, guess what I did next?
I asked to see her hands, and she shied away from showing them to me. I realized she knew me as an event planner, not as a natural health consultant. She knew Ring Around Rose Events, for what it started as; not for the divine work, God was doing with RARE by Roselyne. She hesitantly allowed me to look at her hands. As slowly opened her hands and complained about how it was painful to do. I proceeded to ask her a few questions about her digestive health; her answers were exactly what I expected.

I told her I would love the opportunity to help her get healthy and fix her hands before her wedding date. She had mixed reviews. She had been seeing a dermatologist and had topical steroids, but she didn’t see any real results. Truth be told, I was afraid I might have overpromised. But I was confident what I was seeing was an outward manifestation of poor gut health.

The RARE journey with Shelda was a significant undertaking because her hands and other areas of her body were in bad shape. But I was determined in proving to her there was an alternative to traditional medicine. An option that was natural and focused on overall health, not just her hands. I started her off the same way I started all my health Beauties or Beaus; 1 Goal Setting and 2 Food Journaling. I allowed her to set two goals. One was weight loss, and the other may sound simple or silly to some, but she wanted to be able to wave and shake peoples hands without feeling embarrassed. Next, Shelda journaled at each before and after each meal. Journaling allowed me to evaluate and identify some of the things that were triggering her flare-ups. I gave her my suggestions on what foods and products to eliminate and others to add.

She agreed to follow my guidance and was consistent for 4 months. Our work required a specific routine that focused on gut health. I have a few supplements that I have researched, live by and recommended. I also have a protocol that includes; specific foods and liquid intake, regular detoxification of the body, balancing energy (our body needs the energy to do work) level with a blood sugar regulator, and we repopulated her gut with good bacteria.

During this process, we had weekly accountability calls and monthly in-person meetings. By our one-month evaluation, Shelda did not have any new flare-ups. Month 2 she was seeing changes in the appearance of her skin and her weight. The third month she caught me off guard when she had met her weight loss goal (she lose 18lbs), and she said I only want to lose a few more pounds otherwise my wedding dress will be loose.

The last month of 2017 was busy with my business. I was forced to ask myself if I can realistically provide natural health consulting services and create happiness through luxury events? On December 23rd, 2017, a month ago I realized nothing is impossible when you are walking in your purpose.

God will put people in your life,
but it’s up to you to take their hand.
Free will is a beautiful thing.
You now have the choice to be healthy;
in your hands.

I hope you are reading this in the best hour, health, and heart!
Rosy Days,

Don’t tell yourself oh I don’t have a skin issue. Gut health is linked to many chronic conditions. I would love to help you meet your health goals. Feel free to ask me if ______ is related to gut health and let’s see how I can get you on your way.