Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) ⚫
Imperfect is Beauty Part 1

Watch as I go bare and show you all my flaws…But ️first☝️, have you ever had a wake-up call that made you extremely emotional?

I ??‍♀️recently did, right before doing a live audio recording that went from me taking some up close?? pictures to me realizing I had some major Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN)⚫ going on my face ??‍♀️and neck. I literally broke down and was ?crying… like I mean snot coming out of my nose ? crying!

I know the ?statistics say 30 percent of black women will get this but during my live audio, it was more like 50 percent of the listeners could relate. It was extremely impactful that I was able to connect with many other ? women (younger & older than I) who are going through the same thing. I even had a guy ?messaged me.

I’m almost afraid to say this but just listen to the audio and be glad you didn’t have to see it in real life.

To others, this may seem like a simple? superficial thing. However, for me, it was an emotional ?roller coaster. Don’t get me wrong I still feel ? pretty but this is a beauty mark I am either not ready to accept or maybe I really did ??‍♀️not expect it to get all over my face and neck. That reminds ? me of my stretch mark battle scars but that is a story for another ☀️day.

Do you have any imperfections that are either beauty marks or battle scars⁉ I believe we all a have imperfections or ?battle scars from life. Some of them we are ready to accept and others maybe not so much, like age spots, wrinkles, or even fine/ ?laugh lines. If you are not ready to accept those things this next part is for you.

It is deep once you realize what it truly means to say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”
Everyone around you may feel that you are beautiful and flawless.
However, until you realize your imperfections are beautiful you will be blind to the FACT!

Opening up and sharing JOYome?
Imperfect is Beauty Part 2

After that audio, I finally get to unbox ? and share the consciously clean? holistic skin care line I have been researching ??‍?.

In case you didn’t know my ? educational background and personal health journey ?surrounds gut health. I basically believe that with a healthy and balanced gut microbiome we can ?prevent and possibly eliminate most chronic dis-ease. So, when Plexus told me they were releasing a skincare line I was like “NO??‍♀️ need I have #GutGlam. That’s how I have been approaching skin care, from the inside out. It has been working so I didn’t have plans to even entertain this new product. Then they said skin microbiome ?. I was like I never thought ? about that. Now I am sharing because Plexus continues to ?speak my one true love ?language, natural health inside and out.
Eek?, I was too excited to be back to? recording. Plus the video features a special guest appearance from our youngest son, Ras Tafari- the last Emperor of ? Ethiopia reborn!

Yep, for the first time live: that’s my face??‍♀️, my pregnant?? belly, and my ?? youngest son . There was so much more information about the skincare line that I learned about and didn’t share in the video visit my Joyome site for more information and ways to get your hands on the goods. Oh and I’m sipping that pink drink stuff ? while being pregnant. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or message me.

Check out this my “JOYome site” for more product info and how to order.

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