The ? Questions…
Can you look around and tell me what mental disorder looks like? Can you really describe it? Can you put your fingers on it? Are you sure you are not missing any signs, symptoms or details? Did you dot your I’s and cross your t’s? Or is it hidden in plain sight?

The ? Reality…

You might not even know what to look for or describe unless you yourself have been there or are going through it. Truth is even while experiencing mental illness its hard to put into words how it feels. It can be an illness that is extremely silent and filled with deep negative emotions. What makes it even more difficult are those inner feelings don’t always match the outside.

The ? News…

Yesterday, the world learned that Kate ♠️Spade an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and mother committed suicide. When I got the news I was immediately overcome with emotions. Hard not to cry considering my entire desk is covered with Kate Spade accessories, and folders, even pencils… My Amazon shopping cart always has something Kate Spade stuff… If you don’t own at least one Kate Spade item go ahead get to it… with a pencil pouch (side note make a perfect clutch). Here is the one I am currently obsessing over … as you can see you don’t only get the pouch.

The ⬇️Here and ➡️Now…

Right now so many people are wondering why this happened and we are left with no words to explain it. Life is like that sometimes. All we know is the here and now… No one knows what happens after or what you are really going through unless you share. I have shared with you all in blogs/ video that I was medically diagnosed of Generalized Anxiety Disorder “GAD” .  It is not simply a sticker you were there are real sysmptoms. I don’t think I will ever be anxiety free but I will take steps every day to not allow this disorder to take my life.

?RARE  Note?:
Sometimes cries for help are silent or seen in gentle gestures.
Pay attention and take time to truly connect with thoes around you.
Don’t simply look at the superficial dig deeper.


I think my favorite thing to gift to those I love is Kate Spade. These there ladies, we may not speak every day but I know I can trust them with my fears and dreams. I gave my best friends/maids of honor these beautiful Kate Spade New York Women’s Best friends Idiom Bangle. Check out the cute little messages they have engraved on them. Simple and beautiful… like all things Kate Spade.