Sometimes it’s easier to paint a picture than to explain the science. Sometimes it’s easier to show vulnerability than to express strength. But what if one image, one process, one story, one secret journey could paint, explain, show, and express the power of the placenta?

The Evolution!

Long before we knew we would birth our son the universe had created a place for him and perfect parents. The divine powers that be had decided we Terry (my hubby) and I (Roselyne) would be our son’s parents. I would never have imaged I would end up be blogging about him, showing our placenta, and connecting with other women in this way. At one point we as parents were very reserved and did not share any image of our kiddos. But I am excited to say here we are even sharing a picture from the backyard African themed maternity shoot for Ras Tafari. We didn’t even know what gender we were carrying.

What’s in a Name?

Let us dive right in and explore that name we selected to during the pregnancy Ras Tafari. For some people, a name is just a name. For us, naming our little ones is a big deal. We have to feel energetically connected to the name. The name has to have substance. I suppose it’s a conscious effort on our part planting subconscious seeds through names in hopes that our child will, in some ways, embody the meaning behind the name.

I could say a lot about the name Ras Tafari. However, if you are of African descent and have a strong knowledge of your history, the name may already be resonating with you. Ras Tafari was the last emperor of Ethiopia. Ras Tafari Makonnen, was his very first earthly name but later in his life, he adopted the name Haile Selassie I. Does that sound more familiar?

Let’s explore the two-part name Ras Tafari. Ras means head, prince, chief or leader. And that he was, an emperor. Now, to Tafari which means he who inspires awe, is respected and feared. I could go on and on about that name, but instead, I encourage you to research impact Haile Selassie I/ Ras Tafari had on the world and not only African countries.

I will, however, share this, in some Afro-Caribbean communities the names combine to takes on a religious meaning rooted in power and purpose. Ras Tafari linked to the religious practices of Rastafarianism. Where the followers are free spirits, who live off the land. They have a deep connection to the earth and its healing power. These communities see Ras Tafari as a messiah.

Locs of misconception!

My husband has long locs that go to his back. People often think he is Jamaican because of his hair. He is quick to correct them and say no he is a proud Haitian, but we are all brothers and suns of the universe. Locs are fairly common in the Jamaican culture especially those who practice Rastafarianism. Having locs its easy to make that assumption. Based off of my husband’s response to that assumption you may have guessed we do not belong to a church or religion. We believe in living out our divine purpose by sharing our talents with the world. If anything, when you look at, locs we hope you see hair that resembles tree roots.

After a seed is planted, it becomes rooted in the ground. We as parents plant seeds that bear the fruit that is Ras Tafari. The healthier we are, the stronger he is. That’s the truth before during and after birth. Terry as his father holds a beautiful visual representation in his root-like hair of what a father can and should provide. As a father, he is the anchor to keep a plant in place. Both parents must understand their role lifeline to the plant, taking up air, water, and nutrients from the soil and moving them up into the leaves, fruit, our children.

Placenta Power

As the writer and momma you know I can’t give my hubby all the credit. I have to pat myself on the back. Most of the hard work behind the scene and the magic of growing this child happens in and around me. After all what other things on earth better represents a tree that bears life? Much like a tree the placenta provides oxygen, nutrients, and removes waste. The mother’s blood carries all the oxygen and nutrients to the placenta which then filters out any impurities or toxins, then transfers the good stuff into the vessels to the babies blood. How powerful is this placenta thing?

Imagine this, without going into the specific scientific terms. Terry’s sperm helps create the placenta and umbilical cord. But the placenta ended up being about 50% of my cells combined with 50% of Ras Tafari’s cells. However, Ras Tafari and my blood never actually meet. Even more fascinating Ras Tafari could have sent stem cells through the placenta to heal my organs, while I was pregnant with him. The placenta also makes cells that can protect against breast cancer. Terry says “Ras Tafari had intended interest in protecting the boobs” since he nursed until he was almost two years old.

Close up and Conclusion

– About five years ago I doubted I could have kids. I thought it would be impossible. But I started doing somethings differently.
RARE Note: I stopped focusing on getting pregnant. Instead, I started focusing on detoxing my mind-body so that I could be healthy. Then it happened. As I write this, I am pregnant with baby number 3.

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-We delayed clamping the umbilical cord for about 20 minutes (after it stopped pulsating) and it was still this think and rich. Blame the supplements.

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