I haven’t given up on my body. I was able to lose 11 pounds in 2 months, but I’m still not happy with my body…

Yes, I said it. I know I will get comments from people saying I shouldn’t say that and I should love myself.

So, here are a few DISCLAIMERS:

  1. I love myself.
  2. I love what my body was able to do, like birth and nurse three kiddos.
  3. I love the progress I have made in such a short time. I lose 11 pounds from 10/16/2018 to yesterday 12/19/2018, and I am still not happy with my body!!!

I’ll share how I was able to get those results later in this post. But first my conversations with my moms.

MOMs know best, sometimes

I was at my mother in laws house last weekend, and she commented on my weight, yet again. This was after I told her I want to lose weight she said: “Get some spanks because you are a lady with kids now! So, stop worrying about your body.” I wanted to say getting older and having kids is not a death sentence or an excuse to give up on my body. However, I was on my Elsa that day so I “Let It Go.” But, what I refuse to let go of is myself, my body, my hope, my health, my happiness. Especially since I have spent the last few years helping other women reclaim their bodies.

I was really taken aback because I thought she for one would appreciate my desire to SNAP BACK! She always has something to say about my looks like “oh your butt looks big in that, your stomach is getting flat, or your hair is longer.” I figure she would motivate me not discourage me. Plus, I would be looking good for, my husband, her son. Not that he is one of those guys that would pressure me to snap back. I think he knows my mouth world snap back faster than my body if he urged me. Lol. On a serious note, he is supportive of my body goals. He has even thanked me for carrying our children, and all my body has been through. As for my mother in law was only telling me what she had become accustomed to.

At this point I needed clarity. So, I went to my mommy who had birth four children whom she raised on her own, as a single mother. I asked mommy, why is it so common for women to give up on their bodies after childbirth? She told me she didn’t give up this is just the body she has. Yes, I side eyed her because I know for sure she didn’t look like this after her first two back when she was in Haiti. After I reminded her, she was very transparent. When she was in Haiti, she was more active. She didn’t have a car. She ate more natural and wholesome food. She didn’t have processed or fast food. She didn’t have a job or much of anything, but she was less stressed. She also stated she had more family involvement in her post-birth recovery helping her heal.

Basicallay, keeping up with her weight was not taught to her and it was not programed into her daily life.

Post Pregnancy Perspective

The conversation with my mom and a post I made helped shed new light on why I was probably not happy with my progress or why some women “appear” to give up.

  • We sometimes become more focused on the physical process of healing and not the mental/emotional process of heal.
  • It is depressing when we don’t heal as we expect. You know the “Snap Back” to our former glory.
  • There are not enough hours in the day to fit workouts and all that stuff.
  • We are straight up tired from all the task we have on our plate.
  • Speaking of plates, sometimes we are not eating right or even skip meals altogether.
  • We are stressed out, more stressed than most people care to admit on a public forum.
  • We don’t have adequate resources, knowledge or support to care for ourselves.
  • Oh, and of course we are MOMS! The most selfless title, act, job, responsibility, and position we can hold.

The list probably could go on and on.

RARE Note: Prioritizing yourself is not at the expense of caring for your child, but it can be to your detriment if you do not.  
You can DO IT, too.

I didn’t write all this to harp on the negatives or to highlight my results. I write to say, sister girl, you have to prioritize yourself.

Yesterday, when I got my blood work back (everything was in perfect range). That’s where I found out I was making significant progress with my post-partum weight loss. Here is what I did and what I do for my clients.

  1. You set realistic GOALS.
  2. You schedule time for you. (Here is the planner I will be using for 2019 it is the real deal)!
  3. You planned/ evaluated what I was easting.
  4. You continued SUPPLEMENTING like I did when I was pregnant.
  5. You asked for/ accepted support (HELP.)

I help my clients transform their lives every day. I had to remind myself of those things earlier this week.  Are you ready dig deep and to utilize the same methods I use in my natural health consulting practice?

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