Casual Health Consultation

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You are moments away from starting your journey to improving your home, hope, health, and happiness.

WE start with a personalized consultation and questionnaire because every individual has different needs. During our call, we will discuss your health history, current concerns, and select a program that is right for you.

This “Causal Health Consultation” is essential and there is a small fee of $197 to reserve the time.

You will notice once you pay for the session there is a questionnaire. We start working for you right away by evaluating your answers and concerns. For that reason the $97 is not refundable. However, since value your initiative and investment the reservation fee is fully transferable towards one of our three programs.

Example: You book a consultation by paying $97. We speak via video or phone call. We determine we are the right fit to work together. You select the Specialized Support Service “Health Guide to Goodness” is the right fit for you. You pay the program fee less $97.

I can’t wait to hear from you and start working towards a healthier you.