Dotting the i’s AND crossing t’s of Mental Disorders

The ? Questions... Can you look around and tell me what mental disorder looks like? Can you really describe it? Can you put your fingers on it? Are you sure you are not missing any signs, symptoms or details? Did you dot your I's and cross your t's? Or is it hidden in plain [...]

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“Imperfection is BEAUTY”

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) ⚫ . Imperfect is Beauty Part 1 Watch as I go bare and show you all my flaws...But ️first☝️, have you ever had a wake-up call that made you extremely emotional? I ??‍♀️recently did, right before doing a live audio recording that went from me taking some [...]

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I’m over? here researching? skin care

I'm over? here researching? skin care??‍♀️ products ?and comparing them to what I am about to try?... . I have never ??‍♀️been one to use creams, serums, this and that... I feel like beauty comes from the inside with proper gut health #GutGlam. Therefore, besides my supplements I just wash my face with the [...]

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Launch Day… But 1st let’s talk about how fear & being “Type A” got in the way!

Greetings RARE Beauties and Beaus, OMG, It’s Launch Day, and it has been a long time coming! Let’s start with some truth… It has been over a year since I purchased this domain name ( and had big dreams for the RARE brand and this blog (RARE Space). SideNote: with a name like RARE [...]

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