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The events listed here are those we believe will empower, enriched, educate and enlighten you, on your RARE journey, called life. Real life things like Natural Beauty, Mind-Body, Conscious Brain, Marketing Brands, Finding Bliss, Entrepreneurial Business,  Reaching Balance,  Posh Design, Doing-It-Yourself, Healthy Foods, Physical Fitness, Positive Feelings, Passion Profit, Divine Purpose, Health Consulting, Event Planning and much more… We are currently adding events to our calendar so check back here periodically or CONTACT US if you have an event that you want us to advertise, plan, host, or attend.

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Upcoming Events
February 2020
2/29/200 Event: Heart Don’t Fail Me Now!
In honor of Valentines and Heart Health Month our guest speaker will be engaging, educating, encouraging, empowering and elevating
your understanding of the HEART and your overall health.
Event Speaker:
Dr. Carolyn Messere of LIFEstrength Health Center

Dr. Messere who began her journey as a medical doctor (MD) specializing as a colon and rectal surgeon. Not long after that she discover she was limited in her ability to actually make a difference for people with ongoing, annoying problems that threatened their everyday enjoyment of life. Nevertheless, Dr. Messere stuck it out for almost 10 years as a surgeon. Deep down she know she wanted to make a change. It was important to her to escape the “fix your symptoms, not your real problem” way of practicing medicine.

So she studied functional medicine and embraced a holistic approach to health – getting down to the root cause of issues to help all those that she couldn’t help before. And now, at LIFEstrength Health Center, her heart is helping people find wellness again and stop battling symptoms like heart health, GI issues, hormonal imbalances and even complex autoimmune struggles. Dr, Carolyn says “Together, let’s get to the bottom of it so you can start being you again.”

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February 2018

Mark your calendars! Orlando we are coming to see you for the Women* on the Rise Empowerment Expo, Saturday, February 24th.

This expo will showcase local and national businesses with a focus on women’s health, wellness, beauty and empowerment. Featured speakers will discuss real time issues affecting women within our community and attendees will be empowered to take control of their health, wellness, careers, finances, and overall happiness.

Registration to attend is $55 and includes Full Day Conference, access to our VENDORS** expo with over 30 vendors, fun activities, over 40 prizes, swag bag, mimosas, gourmet lunch buffet, networking, meditation session and interactive empowerment sessions.

*Men are welcome!

**RARE will be one of the vendors. Visit our station to hear Roselyne testimony of healing her skin naturally and getting off of autoimmune disorder prescription medications. We will also be sharing real hair growth trick and weight management tips that wont level you plateauing after a few weeks.

Purchase your ticket by clicking HERE!

January 2018

If you are in the SW Florida area Sunday, January 28th, this will be a unique opportunity to meet some of our amazing team on their RARE journey of health and wealth. Registration for this “FREE” event is very limited and will fill up fast.

Our special quest will be a local Chiropractor who will be covering:

  1. Detoxification- Removing toxins from your body, eliminating daily toxins,  and more…
  2. Nutrition- General Nutrition Guidelines, Advanced Nutrition, Leaky Gut, and Reversing Chronic disease through nutrition.

CONTACT US to register!